China silica fume

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SYChina SanYuan started to research and promote microsilca since 2001,then we built the production plant.  except the original Yinchuan factory, Gansu Sanyuan has established a new Lanzhou factory (located in the Northwest Ferroalloy factory). It has also upgraded the Yinchuan factory, result in made the Yinchuan factory safer, more technological, more efficient, and more environment-friendly (add a full set of environmental protection equipment and add the screening and classification functions of the original equipment). Our company has added the Tianjin Distribution Center on the basis of the original three storages of “Gansu, Ningxia and Inner Mongolia”, achieving secondary quality inspection and fast transportation.We have been producing and selling microsilica nearly 20 years. So we are very professional and experienced in this filed. Our annual production capacity is over 100,000 tons. Sanyuan is one of the industry leaders of microsilica products in China for decades, mean while we participated in the drawing of Chinese national standard for microsilica.

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