silica ranges from 85% to 92% microsilica in repair prooducts

Item No.: vngjrvncn
SiO₂ :
85% - 92
Grey to medium grey powder
Supply Ability:
More than 100,000 tons
600-700 kg/m³
E-mail: ft2@microsilica.org

Quick Details

SiO₂:  85% 90% 92% 94% Specific Use:    Silica fume in concrete Clolor: Grey to medium grey powder
MBulk density:  600-700kg/m³ Usage:    3%-10% Size: Could be according to clients’ requirements
MoistureContent:   0.7%-2.0% Place of rigin:    China (Mainland) Brand : SanYuan
MWaterDemand:   ≤115 Cspecific Surface:    18m²/g-27m²/g LOI: 1.6%-3.0%
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